Word of the day
Thought of the day
  • Education is not preparation for life but
    Education is life itself.
  • Children must be taught how To think, not what to think.
Affiliated To CBSE Delhi, Affiliation No.: 2430085
Our Mission
  • By the next three years, the school will achieve plantation of 500 trees in the area surrounding the school and in the city to spread awareness among students and sensitizing the community members.

  • The school will improve reading habits of students at all the stages providing access to an upgraded digital library and with the conduct of various other reading related activities.
  • The school will create a systematic methodology to provide training to all the students of class VIII and above in any of the special skill areas namely:
  • i) Health Care and Social Assistance
    ii) Book Keeping, Accounting and Auditing
    iii) Food Service

    for the benefit of local community and their application in the wider world of work.